Monarchy doesn't only have a calling to do the best they can, but also a
responsibility to help others be the best they can. We strive to support and to
uplift, and through the little we can contribute we try to help those we can.




We love the work that the Branson Centre is doing with young and upcoming entrepreneurs.
Coming from a mindset that prescribes to being original, fresh, trend setting and industry leaders through passion and hard work, we know that anything is possible. Taking on the world or having  aspirations to change it, we know that all that's needed is an opportunity to make yourself heard. Yet, that which is said must matter, to your field, to the world but also matter to you.
We have chosen to be part of this, because there is so much greatness still hidden. Being part of this revelation of these entrepreneurs is imperative.




Chubby Chums was established in 1999 to help address the needs of the many children left destitute by poverty, disease and abuse. Monarchy is very proud to support them in their incredible endeavors. The Founder, Martin Barnard has always had a great love for children. His compassionate nature inspired him provide a very special organization for abandoned, physically, sexually abused and malnourished children.
Chubby Chums then realized the great need to assist for HIV / AIDS mothers, children and orphans. Martin's integrity as a child protection officer is endorsed by the Department of Welfare - Johannesburg and Pretoria and he is working with both Local and Provincial Government to address the needs of the various communities and will do anything to help the disadvantaged.