Europe’s most watched world news network, EuroNews, has launched a new voice for Africa, by Africans.


AfricaNews, now available to over 7.3 million homes in Africa. Covering 33 countries on the continent in French speaking regions and Sub-Saharan Africa. Airing partially on free-to-air. This is a fully comprehensive channel, covering news from the world and Africa, with an African perspective.

Beyond the AfricaNews’ corporate brand, Monarchy also launched the channel’s several sub brands that includes mobile graphics for a mobile smartphone created by AfricaNews itself.  This as well as an array of original content, with individual openers created and curated to make a complex, 360° channel brand that has presence online as well as on-air.

Monarchy for AfricaNews/ EuroNews


Pitch Design

Shannon Davis – Creative Director

Louise Maselela – Design

Derrick Pitts – Design

Pascal Martin – 3d + 2d

Gavin Jeoffreys – 3d

Executive Producer: Delarey Hattingh

Executive Creative Director: Nicci Hattingh

Creative Director: Katlego Baaitse

Design Director:Katlego Baaitse

Directors:Jean-Yves Martin/ Katlego Baaitse

Editors:Carla Pels-Bekker/ Jean-Yves Martin

Animators:Victor Hugo/ Pascal Martin/ Renzo Radar/ Gavin Joeffreys/ Neo Morulane

Music:Jake Odendaal - Malvern Productions

Producer:Shaniel Mjekevu