We’re ninja turtles.

We smell minty fresh.

If Monarchy had an actual voice, it would be Morgan Freeman.

One of us has actually been in the same room as Cher (gasp!)

We can list all the Wes Anderson films off the top of our heads, in chronological order.

We’re not zombies and we will not eat your brains…  We promise.

We roll our eyes so hard that we see our brains… they’re awesome.

We don’t keep it real, we keep it crazy.

Our hot chocolate is awesome.

We know who framed Roger Rabbit.

We are like fudge, mostly sweet with lots of nuts.

Because we care.

We are open-minded; we think our brains might fall out.

We have a map of Westeros to keep us warm.

Because our creativity is our intelligence having fun.

We are cinephiles.

We are really, really ridiculously good looking.

We have seen all the Star Wars films more than 100 times.

We will take you for a nice seafood dinner, and even call the next day.

We are the cool older siblings you always wished you had.

We know kung Fu!

We eat candy flows when we brainstorm.

Because, why not!?

We are the cool kids.

We are the bacon to your egg sandwich.

We are the best.

We have impeccable taste in ice cream flavours.

If Chuck Norris was a creative agency, we would still be better than him.

If we were a Kit Kat flavour, we would be Raspberry Ripple.

If we were a dinosaur, we would kick T-Rex\'s ass.

We work the hours that work for us.

We know how to terminate Skynet with ease.

We eat, sleep, live, breathe creativity.

We don’t wear pants, sure call us insane.

We don’t fall.

We are so cool we do not have to list all the reasons. Come see us for the rest.