M-Net Edge is a new channel launched under, the biggest brand in South African television; M-Net. This new channel is exactly what its name suggests, edgy. Right from conceptual phase of the channel, we knew it was going to be something completely different to what we, as a South African audience, has come to expect from the M-Net brand. Because of this, it was important that M-Net Edge had a completely separate attitude and look from its older brother, M-Net.


Through the use of bold, front-and-centre, large typography and a colour palette to match, this racy channel was brought to life. Clean, simple, and fast-paced, the design and animation worked together to really set this channel apart. The imaging for this channel filtered through to all other formats, including print, web and on-air.


It was a great pleasure to work with the team of people over at M-Net and we wish them all the best of luck with the future of this exciting new channel.



Director - Delarey Hattingh

Creative Director - Shannon Davis

Design Director - Shannon Davis

Animation Director - Gavin Geoffreys

Senior Animator - Renzo Rader

Editor Director - Jean-Yves Martin

Editors - Carla Pels + Daniel McCauley


Production - Penny Tilleard