Tasked to create the title sequence for the long-standing daily soap opera, Villa Rosa, we jumped at the opportunity to portray the much loved show in a new light. A light filled with drama and intrigue.


With every soap opera, there is always two sides to a story; one that the characters see, and the other, the viewers see. We wanted to portray this by taking the viewer on a journey through this stirring guest house. Upon first glance, each room appears perfect and almost still but on closer inspection we see a 'darker' side. Wide shots and immediate cuts to macro shots jolt the viewer in to this sometimes not so perfect world; the world they only too-well know, and love.





Director: Delarey Hattingh

Director of Photography: Jean-Yves Martin

Creative Director: Nicci Hattingh

Junior Creative Director: Shannon Davis

Design Director: Shannon Davis

Editors: Carla Pels + Daniel McCauley

Animation Director: Gavin Jeoffreys

Compositor: Niel Van Der Westhuizen