We always go big when it comes to our end of year celebrations; everything from murder mystery nights to being flown down to the beach.


This year we wanted to take our royalty to another level. Our blue blood traveled back in time to a world full of magic and adventure, sands that stretch as far as the eye can see and a sky full of stars. It was Monarchy’s ARABIAN NIGHT.


This meant dressing up like we hang out with Aladdin, riding camels and lots of belly dancing! And no one disappointed. We still ruled as Kings and Queens in our magical celebration.


We had the most amazing fun, eating the most amazing food and partying with the most amazing people.


What a way to end the year! Thanks to the monarchy family for making every moment a blast (even at 3 in the morning!)


And from the Monarchy Team, a special thank you to Joanne, Nicci and Delarey for organizing the best night of this year so far!


10847857_10152377035401222_6252136213102660861_n couples IMG_1526dannatthegang

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