PromaxBDA Africa!

We had tons of fun at this year’s PromaxBDA Africa Awards. Not only did we manage to grab up some awards, we also had the privilege of creating this year’s look and feel!


The theme for this year was EVOLUTION. We grouped together and came up with a concept that we felt expressed how the creative process evolves; from a flood of inspiration and ideas into one focused final product.


Evolution is often seen as a very lengthy and time consuming event, but we took a different approach. We wanted a modern interpretation of what it means to evolve, one that was fast, packed with energy and extremely passionate.


Living in a digital world, highly influenced by the internet, we were able to compact hundreds of different styles of design and animation into one package.


To watch our opening Video, click here!


A big shout out to Derrick Pitts for all the hard work he put into this project.


Although working on this project was fun, we also had a blast at the event, with 3 more awards under our belt, all for our Crime & Investigation worldwide rebrand. Check out the blog post we did  while back on this project here.


The awards:


Channel Brand of the Year – C&I – GOLD

Best On Air Branding Design – C&I Rebrand _ GOLD

Best On Air Branding Design – C&I – Ident Cult – SILVER


Well done to all the winners! We’re too excited for next year.


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