From class to office

Once again, we had interns on the Monarchy royal ground. Anna van Vreden and Jessica-Lee Bothma were both interning as designers, while Aletia Fourie was interning as a 2D/3D Animator.


It’s always refreshing working with bright young minds who are eager to prove themselves while also being mentored. Being an intern is an eye opener, that is, it’s the first step to progressing in one’s career. As a student, you have to be enthusiastic about your studies. After you complete your studies you now have to face the real world, the brave-new world.


These aspiring interns did some really awesome work for Monarchy while working with us. Even though it was only for a couple of weeks, we trust that they learned much within that short space of time. We are very proud to have been visited by these young and vibrant talented prospects. Godspeed on your journey of life interns.


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