Promax Global Excellence Awards 2014


We are proud to announce that Monarchy has won two awards at the Promax Global Excellence Awards 2014. Yay!
The awards ceremony was hosted in New York in the United States where our intuitive company director and co-owner Delarey Hattingh, accompanied by our awesome creative director Shannon Davis were there to personally receive these awards.


Specifically the awards we won are…*drum roll*…Gold for Art Direction & Design: Channel ID, and Gold for Art Direction & Design: Program informational Graphics.
Both awards were for the incredible project we did for A&E Networks for the global rebrand of the CI (formally The Crime and Investigation Network) network.
Also, our incredible clients at A&E won silver for the rebrand.


We appreciate this recognition and acknowledgement by ProMax and we promise to bring you nothing but greatness like we’ve been doing all along.
None of this would have been possible without our AWESOME creative team. Well done to Monarchians!


You can visit to read up further on the awards.


Monarchy – Come rule with us!

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